RF Smart Meter Shield Test Data Page

RF Meter Shield Test Data
The above chart is representative of the potentially harmful radiation emitted by
smart meters. The peak RF values of 6-independent "real world" Itron Model:
CL200 Electric Smart Meter Installations were evaluated over 5-minute periods
using a Microsystem, Inc., Cornet Model: MD18, RF Field Strength Power Meter.
The results were averaged. Individual result may very based on the type and model
of smart meter and variables in the surrounding environment.
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Attenuation is one of the principal
indicators for measuring the effectiveness
of electromagnetic interference shielding.
It refers to the difference between an
shielding and its intensity after shielding.
Attenuation is marked in decibels (dB) that
correspond to the ratio between field
strength with and without the presence of
a protective medium. The decrease in a
signal’s intensity, or amplitude, is usually
exponential with distance, while the
decibel range falls along a logarithmic
scale. This means that an attenuation
rating of 50 dB indicates a shielding
strength ten times that of 40 dB. In general,
a shielding range of 10 to 30 dB provides
the lowest effective level of shielding,
while anything below that range can be
considered little or no shielding. Shielding
between 60 and 90 dB may be considered
a high level of protection, while 90 to 120
dB is exceptional.
RF Meter Shield Radiation Test Page
RF Meter Shield protects against smart meter radiation.
Shield Efficiency
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RF Meter Shield protects against smart meter radiation
Packaged RF Meter Shield Front View
Packaged RF Meter Shield Back View
through the front globe. The front glass or plastic globe of a smart meter is where
the majority of radiation is emitted (in all directions). A properly installed RF Meter
Shield completes a shield around the entire smart meter (often reducing radiation
by over 80%).